Barcelona-Costa Brava from July 6th until July 12th /Vitoria-Gasteiz from July 14th until July 19th

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The Registration for the Bilingual (Spanish/English) International Campus is right now available. The campus is for talented students whose ages are between 12 and 17 years old. “Fundación Privada Javier Berché” and “Centro de Innovación Pedagógica Aplicada Urkide” organize it.

Main Objectives:

  • Create an atmosphere where the participants can share their personal and academical experiences.
  • Communicate values such as tolerance, respect verse plurality and decision making focus to help them to improve their interpersonal intelligence.
  • Contribute to improve their self-motivation and their capability to work in different groups.
  • Pose them environmental challenges aimed at making them aware of the need of implementing conservation and sustainability policies and how they can develop strategies to raise awareness of these issues.

The official languages are English and Spanish. In this fist edition, the campus would last two weeks. Each of them would be held on a different place and address different themes.


Illes Medes

MEDITERRANEAN BLUES (Mediterranean Marine Biology Conservation Program), Barcelona-Costa Brava from July 6th until July 12th.

To get familiar with the Mediterranean marine biodiversity, its habitats and main threats in an accessible environment like Costa Brava the participants will do some guided activities such as snorkeling, a kayak tour and the visit to the animal marine center of recuperation (CRAM). The edition of an environmental sensibilitazion clip would be the posed challenge.

Program – Daily agenda: July 6th until 9th, July 10th until 12th - Intercampus, July 13th


Green Capital

GASTEIZ ON THE GREEN ROAD (Sustainable and secure mobility program in Vitoria-Gasteiz), Vitoria-Gasteiz from July 14th until July 19th.

The campus wants to show, under different perspectives, the factors, elements and agents that take part in the urban mobility configuration of a city like Vitoria-Gasteiz, a pioneer and a sustainable city model that has been awarded with the Green Capital tittle. In order to do this, some activities such as getting in contact the public transportation system, realizing a survey or visiting the electrical vehicle mobility center will be done. The participants will have to do a presentation in which they will analyze and suggest alternatives for the students’ displacements towards the educational centers.

Program – Daily agenda: July 13th until July 16th, July 17th until July 19th


The organization allows the enrollment in both campus or just in only one of them.

Prices: All campus (including transfer from Barcelona to Vitoria-Gasteiz), 1900 € / Mediterranean Blues, 950 € / Gasteiz on the green road, 950 € / Transfer from Barcelona to Vitoria-Gasteiz, 125 €

Places are limited to a maximum of 30 participants per week and subject.