Services and Programmes for educational communities

Nowadays the question of how to discover students’ needs at school is one of fundamental importance. In order to understand students’ needs we need the appropriate tools. Up until now schools have relied on tools which are out of date. For example, schools usually rely on tests of academic performance which merely measure knowledge of specific subject matter. We, on the other hand, defend a broader view of the aims of education and learning. We have also noted that teachers’ observations, while valuable, do not allow us to understand the causes of learning disabilities or students’ maximum learning potential.
We offer schools our Talent Identification Service, which we explain below.

  • With the WISC and SOI-LA tests we detect students’ strongest and weakest learning areas, thus providing schools with accurate and concrete information – indeed the best available on the market – on students’ potential.
  • Teacher Training Project – Gifted students have specific needs. The Javier Berché Private Foundation is putting in place a programme in which teachers shall be trained to handle the special needs of gifted and talented students on an extracurricular basis so that they may receive enrichment which makes the most of their abilities.
  • Educational Project – The Javier Berché Private Foundation has developed an adapted and accelerated curriculum for its students, working within the confines of the Fundamental Law on Education of 1996 and with the approval of the Generalitat of Catalonia. This high-quality curriculum is tailored to each student and is based on the programmes devised by John Hopkins University, with the goal of complementing the student’s regular studies and working with his or her teachers.
  • Encourage the active participation of the school in the search for a dialogue with businesses, such that the latter may engage in curriculum design and make clear which professional profiles are required for the economy of the future
  • Finally, through its teachers and professionals the Foundation is intimately acquainted with the reality of its students. For this reason it aspires to become a think tank cooperating with government and institutions to bring to bear ideas and proposals to improve academic outcomes for our youth.