Services for businesses

Services for companies

We believe that businesses should get involved in students’ education by exposing them to workplace culture, and that they should do so well before students begin university. Since all children today shall be joining the workforce, it is imperative for businesses’ competitiveness and success that children be raised with self-discipline, responsibility and the ability to work as part of a team.
Once you advise us on your human capital and knowledge needs we will be able to provide early detection of young people’s talent, so that together we may further their development. It should be pointed out that the Foundation offers businesses high quality tools for the detection of talent, amongst both current and potential employees. Our tests detect talent with precision, thus allowing human resources departments to manage talent efficiently. They also favour internal mobility, reducing costs associated with hiring and firing, as they enable companies to take advantage of employees’ talents, thereby improving performance.

This emphasis on the detection of employees’ talent and on internal mobility, which enables employees’ growth, encourages them to stay with their employer. We should also keep in mind Spain’s brain drain, caused by the recession and the shortcomings of our education system. Employers can and must put an end to this. Doing so not only contributes to the general welfare, but also to that of employers themselves. We should also keep in mind the parents of our clients, who are keen for their children to further their education through internships. As can be seen, the Foundation is at a crossroads between business and education, from which any number of collaborative projects may originate.