Success of Bartolomé Olivares and Daniel Cabrera

addFleet, gestión de movilidad urbanaTwo board members of the Javier Berché Private Foundation, Bartolomé Olivares and Daniel Cabrera, have achieved that La Caixa and Telefonica invest 3 million euros in their company, addFleet, which consolidates as a provider of management solutions for urban mobility. 

The Foundation would like to congratulate the two entrepreneurs publicly for this spectacular achievement, which means the possibility to internationalize the project born at the end of 2010.

Daniel Cabrera and Bartolomé Olivares are magnificent examples of what it means to manage talent properly. We are proud that Javier Berché Private Foundation was their liaison, which allowed them to meet and establish what would be their first joint project, Gootaxi. The work of the Javier Berché Private Foundation not only focuses on supporting the training of talented or intellectual highly-gifted students, but also includes a lifelong monitoring, enabling synergies to develop high value projects, as in the case of these former students who have become part of the Foundation board.


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