Imagen alegórica de castellers cooperando para construir un castell, una torre humana.The Javier Berché Private Foundation was created by a group of professionals from a variety of backgrounds in response to the current state of education in this country. We also receive support from former students of Dr. Berché as well as from their parents.

Our point of departure is the detection of giftedness, exceptional creativity and specific talents. Moreover, we identify those students who, despite dealing with the stigma of having learning disabilities, nonetheless demonstrate great potential. In this way we hope to guide them and enable them to in turn give back to society.

Javier Berché Private Foundation provides educational solutions for our students to reach their full potential and achieve professional and personal educational excellence. To that effect, we work closely in collaboration with the Center For Talented Youth (CTY) at John Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA), a world reference center for detection of individuals with high educational skills.